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"Today’s parents, teachers, and students expect engaging education products with measurable outcomes. I offer my clients much more than subject matter expertise; I provide expertise on learning itself–resulting in innovative and exceptionally successful products."

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Haller STEM Education Consulting specializes in the evaluation and analysis of the market for niche STEM education products, development and implementation of strategic initiatives to create or expand product lines, and the design of innovative and award winning products. Haller STEM Education Consulting serves the for-profit, non-profit and education and public outreach education sectors.

    With Haller STEM Education Consulting you benefit from:

  • A strategist who identifies high potential STEM education market niches and creates new ways of fulfilling them.

  • A creative architect of learning solutions that integrate classroom experience, educational research, and the use of innovative technologies.

  • A pragmatist who consistently maintains a focus on the big picture and who is equally skilled in thinking through how materials will be used in the learning environment.

  • A businessperson who helps companies' resource the most cost–effective ways to develop innovative products while ensuring quality results.

  • A clear thinker who takes the time to fully understand his clients' objectives making sure all services are in alignment with needs and expectations.

  • A learning expert with extensive academic and teaching experience in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education (STEM).

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